Monday, 25 October 2010

must do

if there's one thing i do before March it must be to go to London visit



AeFondKis said...

must do's are great ways of making things happen...visiting London is a delight! I am going on Saturday!

San said...

Wow--porcelain sunflower seed husks! If I lived on your side of the ocean, that would be on my "must do" list too.

Thanks for visiting me recently. I hope you will return. Your blog is beautiful--love those altered doilies in your previous post.

Sophie Munns said...

I liked your places in London you wished to visit...did you get there?

Amelia said...

the textile one looks great. I've been to see the unilever one, somehow I think it's not quite the same that we can't go into them, but instead we have to look from the edge. still pretty amazing though!